The Peddie Team

People who care

Peddie employees care about what they do. They are highly skilled employees known for quality workmanship
and attention-to-detail.

Our Team

  • David Peddie

    David Peddie,

  • Ashley Peddie

    Ashley Peddie,
    General Manager

  • Heather Peddie

    Heather Peddie,

  • Brad Lamb

    Brad Lamb
    Chief Estimator
    Production Dept. Manager

  • Richard Cushman

    Richard Cushman
    Senior Estimator
    Project Manager

  • Maytham Jamaleddine

    Maytham Jamaleddine
    Project Manager

  • Mike Podchynok,
    Dept. Mgr. Service Maintenance

  • Roman Bilichenko

    Roman Bilichenko
    Project Account Mgr, Estimator

  • Robert Spamola

    Robert Spamola
    Estimator/Project Coordinator

  • David Liddle

    David Liddle
    Maintenance Estimator

  • Mark Faynor

    Mark Faynor
    Health & Safety Manager

  • Sarah Stewart

    Sarah Stewart
    Health & Safety Advisor

  • Craig Clark

    Craig Clark

  • Deanna Milne

    Deanna Milne
    Senior Accountant

  • Wanda McIntyre

    Wanda McIntyre
    Accounts Receivable

  • Lisa Beauchemin

    Lisa Beauchemin
    Service Dispatch