New Construction & Replacement Roofing

Expertise and commitment to Quality

Peddie Roofing installs primary roofing assemblies. General Contractors know they can count on Peddie Roofing to get the job done. 

Peddie has the expertise and commitment to quality that meets or exceeds the most demanding expectations. The company is a team player that works in close collaboration with other sub trades to ensure the seamless completion of each project.

Peddie Roofing Standards

  • We adhere to the highest industry standards for installing new roofs or repairing existing roof assemblies
  • We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers of the best quality roofing products

We install a variety of new roof systems and have years of experience installing primary roofing assemblies.

We Construct, Repair and Maintain Roofs

  • Single story commercial
  • Large industrial structures
  • High rise complexes


5, 10, 15 year Manufacturers Warranties.

  • ARCA (Alberta Roofing Contractors Association) Warranty
  • Bondable