Roof Maintenance Programs

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Peddie Roofing specializes in preventative maintenance programs for single story and high rise commercial roofs. Every roof is unique.

Our Maintenance Programs

We inspect your roof, make recommendations and repair problems caused by normal wear and tear, climate and other issues common in Western Canada. (read more...Inspection)

A maintenance program . . .

  • Maximizes the life cycle of your roof
  • Minimizes short and long term costs
  • Protects structural integrity

Custom Program

Every roof is different. That is why a custom created maintenance program is required that will accommodate the needs of your roof – not those of the building down the street!

A regular inspection and maintenance strategy allows for life cycle planning and budgeting. Value-based maintenance scheduling will retain the integrity and extend the life of the roof far beyond warranty periods.

Maintenance factors

  • Roof type
  • Usage
  • Age
  • System complexity
  • Design requirements

Preventative Maintenance Program

Peddie Maintenance Plus is a five-year preventative roof maintenance plan designed to maximize the life of a roof assembly while minimizing longer-term costs. Anticipating roof wear through regular inspection and maintenance allows for life cycle and budget planning. 

Five Year Program

Following an extensive inspection and detailed report (see inspection), we develop a five-year maintenance plan. We recommend a program that includes annual inspection each year accompanied by a written report.